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Sound Frequency Therapy

What is Sound Frequency Therapy, and how does it work? Sounds and vibrations have been used for healing for centuries. Sound Frequency Therapy uses a customized combination of sounds targeted to release trapped emotions in the body. Sound Frequency Therapy acknowledges we are made of different energy frequencies and interacts with these frequencies to improve health and well-being and rebalance the body. Specifically, we sound practitioners use non-forceful kinesiology (muscle monitoring) to identify where negative energy is stored in the body and then use custom sound frequencies to help clear the unwanted energy. 

Why should I consider Sound Frequency Therapy to get to the root of negative emotions?

Sound frequency therapy is a positive, effective, fast, safe and non-invasive way to release trapped emotions such as depression, anxiety, guilt, pain and more. No forceful, invasive techniques are used. It is safe and effective for adults, children and even pets. Most importantly, it clears the underlying causes of issues, creating a permanent solution versus acting as the “temporary fix” you may achieve from medication or a vacation away from the stress of everyday life. Sound Frequency Therapy removes the root of the issue causing you stress or emotional distress.

What specific issues can Sound Frequency Therapy treat?

Stress, anxiety, depression, bitterness, despair, fatigue, suicidal thoughts, anger/aggression, fears, phobias, obsessions, worry, disappointment, guilt, repression, grief, loss, hopelessness, relationship issues, jealousy, insecurities, lack of confidence or self worth, negative thoughts, loathing, sorrow, melancholy, self-pity, panic attacks, indecision or confusion, traumas, addictions and so much more.

What should I expect from a Sound Frequency Therapy session, and when will I see results?

A session typically lasts about two hours and can be conducted in my quiet, spa-like office or in the comfort of your own home. Anything you share during a session is kept completely confidential.

With your permission, I connect with your energy. As mentioned above, I use non-forceful kinesiology (muscle monitoring) to identify where negative energy is stored in your body. After muscle monitoring, I place small speakers on key areas of your body and choose the right combination of sounds to address that negative energy in your body. These custom sound frequencies help to clear the unwanted energy as you either sit or lay down; simply relax and let the sound do the work. 

At the end of the session, I use the same kinesiology to determine if emotions are still present.

Everybody processes Sound Frequency Therapy differently. Relief can be immediate, may take a few days or may take a few sessions. If the emotions trapped in the body are deep-seated, additional sessions might be required, and results do vary by individual. It is common for individuals with depression, suppression or high anxiety to participate in several sessions to achieve desired results.

Experience of

Sound Frequency Therapy

Better pain management

Relieve physical ailments, including chronic pain, headaches, and arthritis.

Heal your body

Use different vibrations to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Reduces stress fatigue

Reduce the build-up of stress beyond the level that is healthy for the body.

Clear your mind

A slower tempo can quiet your mind and relax your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day

Release your anxiety

Restore normality to your nervous system

Improve sleep quailty

By reducing stress, you naturally improve the quailty of your sleep.