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Clarity Call

$0.00 FREE

During this call, you will learn more about what sound frequency therapy is and how you can benefit from a session. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions specific to your situation as well.

Sound Frequency Therapy Session

$125.00/2 hour session

Muscle testing is used to identify trapped emotions, locate where in the body the emotion is trapped, and determine what sound frequency is needed to release the emotions. Then, customized sound frequency therapy is used to address those emotions.

Remote Sound Frequency Therapy Session

$125.00/2 hour session

You can receive the benefits of these sessions from the comfort of your home. You can even allow me to work on your energy while you sleep and wake up feeling refreshed!

Private Group Sound Bath

$125.00/1 hour session

Enjoy all of the benefits of a sound bath with your private small group. Relax and rejuvenate while listening to the sounds of crystal singing bowls and an ocean drum. Private group sound baths are for up to six people. pricing is based on a Brown Co, WI event location or remote session. 

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