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“I’ve done sound therapy with Allisa Turriff and she was able to help with detaching some of my emotions from my anxiety triggers. Check her out! She does amazing work and is one of the best humans I know!”


“I truly enjoyed my session with you Allisa. I hadn’t realized how much stress and anxiety I was holding in internally.  The session truly helped me rebalance myself. 

Thank you! 💕

“I have never tried sound therapy but the premise of it intrigued me. From the moment I walked in, Allisa created a professional but warm and welcoming environment. She walked through some of the emotions I was experiencing in a very thoughtful way. I felt very safe and comfortable with her. She created the custom sounds for my session and left me tucked in a very soothing space. It was so comfortable, I actually fell asleep for a bit! When the session ended, she revisited some of the situations and associated emotions, and I realized I had experienced a shift. It was like I was viewing the situation from ‘outside myself’ in that I was able to observe the situation more clearly vs. being immersed in it. That, in turn, created a sense of calm that stayed with me. I would definitely recommend sound therapy with Allisa!”
Lori L.

“Allisa did an amazing job with my first sound therapy experience.  She explained the whole process.  She was kind, helpful and what I loved the most was that she was truly committed to helping me.  She also did an excellent job following up and making sure any questions of mine were answered.  I would highly recommend.”

Nicole V.

“My sessions at Shine Sound Therapy have identified core emotions I have held onto for decades. Experiences associated with these emotions have surfaced numerous times throughout my life and I have felt the impacts repeatedly. Now they have little to no effect on my emotions. I feel comfort and peace in ways I never knew were possible for me. I am forever grateful to Allisa and all the work she does.”


“I feel so much lighter and relaxed after my sound therapy session. Pain and stiffness that I had prior to my session are gone. It was a really pleasant and relaxing experience too. I still feel the positive effects a week later. Thank you, Allisa!”

Mary Ann

“Unresolved trauma & emotions can affect us physically. Sound therapy detaches the emotions from the memory to help you heal. If you are struggling & looking for healing, I highly recommend Allisa Turriff from Shine Sound Therapy.”