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February – Being Wrong

February – Being Wrong

Sorry for the delay in my February newsletter, but this is a tough topic for me. I had a lot of personal blocks pop up when I tried to write. I have always had a hard time being wrong. It’s not that I have to be right, but to me, being wrong always felt like I was failing or because I didn’t know something I was not enough.

Being wrong can leave us feeling insecure, ashamed, embarrassed, or fill in any other emotion you have ever experienced when you realized you were wrong. As a society we feel that being incorrect is a bad thing, however, there is so much growth that can occur when we own and lean into what we may have been mistaken on. Carrying the negative emotions of being wrong effects how we behave in the future as well. When we admit we are wrong, we shed so much emotional baggage we carry and make room for growth.

I have had to shift my perspective on what it means to be wrong and how these lessons help to teach me and make me a better person even when it doesn’t feel good. Having a willingness to be wrong has helped me step into sound healing. I was safe working in the construction field and I knew what I was doing. By switching careers I carried fear of being wrong for leaving my career, being wrong if I didn’t know everything about the benefits of sound, being wrong if I could answer someone’s questions on the spot, etc. This discomfort has allowed me to have to opportunity to be curious and explore without judging myself (well not judging myself too harshly). I met so many new people, helped others to heal, and have also had a much better balance in my family life. If I would have let the fear of being wrong shape my path I would have missed all of this. I know I have made mistakes along this journey, but those mistakes have helped me to improve in my aspects.

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, “When we accept that we have been wrong before, and that we will most certainly be wrong again, we free ourselves from this little prison of our own making. This is empowering because it not only enables us to explore new things but also gives us a great sense of valuable self-awareness.”

I would love to help you shed the emotional blocks you carry to make room for more growth and opportunity. Please reach out with how I can help you.

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