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Know anyone fighting cancer? OPEN UP!

Know anyone fighting cancer? OPEN UP!

Dear Friends and Family,  

Virtually everyone knows someone experiencing cancer or is living with it themselves. The excellent news is that in 2023 there are many more patients surviving their diagnoses. The bad news is those diagnoses don’t come with any advice on how to take care of the 95 percent of the body that doesn’t have cancer.  

This fact shocked my functional medicine coach friend, Kelly Lutman, one too many times and spurned her into writing her second book: THRIVING THROUGH CANCER: A WHOLE-ISTIC APPROACH FOR YOUR JOURNEY. In her new book, Kelly outlines how to support the body, mind, and spirit while going through cancer treatments, helping the patient stay positive, prepare for life AFTER cancer, and manage the stresses of the experience with more flow and ease. One of the topics she mentions is sound bowls. I am so excited to be featured on her book portal which includes audio of my singing bowls to enjoy.   

If you or someone you care about would find value in THRIVING THROUGH CANCER, head to TODAY to get your copy.  

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