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April – Emotional Baggage

April – Emotional Baggage

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

Do you ever feel tightness in your chest or maybe your jaw when someone mentions something you want to change but aren’t sure how? What do you do to procrastinate or resist change? What beliefs do you have that surround a particular goal you want to achieve or change you want to make? What viewpoints do you have? Do you feel too old or too young? Too poor? These are all insights into why you are resisting this change.

That resistance is tied to stored or trapped emotions in your body and subconscious. The emotion or emotions could be anxiety, fear, denial, grief, anger, etc. My job when providing sound therapy is to help your body release the emotion linked to the resistance, or the belief that you can’t do it. Once the blocked emotions are released you will notice how much lighter you feel when you work towards goals and changes that used to bring up much resistance.

You may not notice this change immediately, but you will be able to see the progress from getting rid of the emotional baggage that was weighing you down. Your subconscious will create new pathways to help you achieve your goals.

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I wish you healing to accomplish your goals!


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