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October – Anniversary

October – Anniversary

“Everyone has their own path. Walk yours with integrity and wish all others peace on their journey. When your paths merge, rejoice for their presence in your life. When the paths are separated, return to the wholeness of yourself, give thanks for the footprints left on your soul, and embrace the time to journey on your own. ”― Unknown Author

October marked my one year anniversary starting Shine Sound Therapy. I had no idea exactly where this journey would lead me, but knew I wanted to help others. Leaving my career in construction was an extremely difficult discission and am so grateful for the experience and opportunity in the field. I met many people and as I look back I know I was supposed to be exposed to many situations and individuals prior to starting Shine Sound Therapy. Years ago I would not have been ready or understood what I know now. The timing of staring my own business was just right.

Over the last year I have grown personally and professionally. I have learned how determined and strong I can be as well as compassionate and loving. I have also questioned myself and wondered if I can really help people. I have seen highs and lows in starting a business, but knowing how many people are in my corner and how many people have experienced the benefits of my sound business constantly reminds me of my why. I started with individual sessions to release trapped emotions causing problems in someone’s life and have since added group sound baths to also help release trapped emotions as well as facilitation mediation.

My family has seen the most changes over the last year. I feel my work has made me calmer and more present for my husband and children. I am more balanced between my work and home obligations. My family has also been able to experience the benefits of sound and releasing their trapped emotions.  

I have been blessed to work with so many of you and am so grateful to each person who I have crossed paths with. I know there is a reason you have been placed in my life and I thank you for all the wisdom. Many of you have also shared my business with other and that means the world to me!

I am looking forward to the next year and years after that. My journey is continuing to unfold, and I hope you continue to be a part of it. I want to continue to simplify healing to release trapped emotions to facilitate emotional transformations using sounds and vibrations to help individuals feel calm, balanced, and at peace.

Have a beautiful day!


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